Making Syncing Files Smarter with FishTune


Transfer your files from PC directly to your Kata device with ease through FishTune.

A few years ago, many people carried their laptops with them while on the road, used a desktop PC at home and used another computer in the office. Although they can access their files on different computers, many people still find it difficult to parse on ways to keep their files in sync. However, due to the advent of technology, people nowadays don’t need to worry about managing their files.

Anyone now can carry a computing mobile device such as the tablet where they can gain access to their files directly from the diverse operating systems. If you’re one of those who possess a fairly eclectic mix of devices and platforms, it’s relatively a juggling act to keep everything in sync. Moreover, transferring files from your personal computer or laptop to your tablet can sometimes be time consuming, especially if they don’t have a standard USB port. Emailing files back and forth can be an alternative method to move documents, however many users opt to settle to a more consistent, reliable, and easier means of transporting their files to and from their tablet.

There are actually a myriad of cloud connection applications in the market that people can utilize to manage their files, one remarkable tool is the FishTune. This syncing tool application pre-installed exclusively for Kata FishTab 3 is its differentiator among other tablets.

With this unparalleled feature of Kata FishTab 3, users can easily sift through their files on their personal computer and have it transferred directly to their tablet. Through its seamless wireless streaming, users can conveniently watch movies, listen to music and access their extra files.

With FishTune, users can organize and transmit their documents without having to worry about the storage capacity of their Kata FishTab 3. Through this dependable syncing tool app, users can transfer anything to and from a PC without any hassle. Hence, with Kata FishTab 3, anything is just possible.

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