Recommended Accessories for Kata FishTab 3

Getting a tablet can be a very exciting time for you although it is likely to have cost you a lot of money. However, you must keep in mind that you need to consider the basics of taking care of it to ensure its best performance possible for a long time.

Protect your tablet! Probably the most essential thing you should do to make it last an eternity is to buy the necessary accessories it needed. A screen protector is one of those. With this high quality and durable screen protector suited for Kata FishTab 3, you can shelter your tablet from any physical damage such as scratches or smudges.  This customized screen protector provides resistant to cracks, scratches, and smudges from fingerprints. Another tip we could recommend is to use a microfiber cloth or a lens cleaning cloth  to clean your tablet and not just rub off dirt with your fingers.


Another thing you should get your Kata FishTab 3 is the Divoom speaker that boasts clear and crisp audio. This one’s perfect especially if you’re that type of person who’s often on the go. And since FishTab 3 is tagged as the innovative home entertainment device, Divoom is a highly recommended speaker that will definitely pump up your listening experience.  Play your favorite music or movie and listen to how it will deliver high quality sound that is aesthetically pleasing to your ears. Besides that, it has a sleek and travel-friendly design in which it makes it possible to carry it around. But what’s also fantastic about this speaker is that it fits the tablet very well and it sports a built-in cradle that allows you to rest the device.

T3_with Speaker_2

Lastly, the thing you needed the most it to give your FishTab 3 is a durable and  leather case. If you want something to protect your tablet if it is dropped, scuffed and banged, this customized leather case is the most suitable one. This ensures a softer impact when you droop your tablet on a hard surface. It provides more than sufficient protection because of its impact resistance feature that protects it from any danger of cracking or breaking. Indeed, this leather case is sturdy and strong but what’s truly commendable about it is its elegant look and nifty design.



Keep your FishTab 3 looking like the day you bought it for a long time!


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