We’ve shared to you about Fish Market on our recent post, however, if all else fail and you’re having some trouble in downloading an application for your Kata device, then let this  post help you.

To install apps manually on your Kata devices, simply follow these steps:

1.Tap on ‘Browser’ then type in ‘www.androiddrawer.com‘ and search for the app that you wanted to download.


2. Choose the latest version of the app of your choice (eg. Instagram 4.0.2).


4.  Tap on ‘Download’, select any ‘Mirror’ and wait for it to finish.


5. Click the ‘Explorer’ and press on internal memory.


6. View files in ‘Download ‘folder and click on your downloaded apk file. (ex. 421620568.bin)


7. Click on the ‘Package Installer’ then ‘Just Once’.


8. Tap on Install, and vopila! You already have the app!























For more helpful tips, visit us on the following:

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App Download Tip for Your Kata Devices

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