Redefine Entertainment With i2

Kata i2 doesn’t just deliver a tremendously fast performance, it has other features that can blow you away!

Transform the way you see and hear entertainment with Kata i2. This smartphone makes not just a lasting impression with its 5-inch QHD IS display but it also lets you capture and record every moment in a flash with its 8.0MP back camera and 2MP front camera.

Design_Capture moments

Moreover, this device also provides you the best sound quality that brings you nothing but pure entertainment right at your fingertips. Take pleasure in listening to music or watching videos by seamlessly transporting your files from your PC directly to your Kata device through FishTune. Download also and play a bunch of enthralling games and other applications via the Fish Market.


Let us know how i2 redefined your entertainment pleasure, visit us at:

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One thought on “Redefine Entertainment With i2

  1. schena says:

    can I order the T2 online since im located in cebu? for the black friday sale?

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