Kata i3: Your Responsive Partner



Do more with Kata i3’s capacitive touchscreen that allows you to do anything on it!

Because of its capacitive displays, it can be controlled with very light touches of a finger. Thus, take advantage of its responsive screen and let it help you be more efficient at work, at school or just enjoy your leisure of playing your favorite gaming applicatiosn. In relation to that, you can even pinch and spread a screen to zoom in and out your various media files–photos and videos.

Now, that’s how Kata values speed and accuracy!

Here are some features of Kata i3’s capacitive touchscreen:

  • Multi touch support available
  • Visibility good even in sunlight
  • Highly sensitive to finger touch leading to ease of use
  • Not prone to dust particles
  • Glossy look and feel

Find out how you can own an i3 on the following:





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2 thoughts on “Kata i3: Your Responsive Partner

  1. Janice Garrido says:

    Gusto ko lng po malaman mgkano po ung Kata I3 my kasama po bang sd card,screen protector at case? Pls pm me thanks

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