Kata i3 Gestures: Internet


You amrtphone isn’t just for video-chatting  or for selfies,  it’s more than that. With thousands of various models of cell phones that have hit the market, Kata i3 is one of those must-have gadgets. The new smartphone had made some  considerable progress in terms of how users can further utilize it and interact with people.

And yes, this article shows another special gesture feat you could use for Kata i3. Since most of the people nowadays tend to surf the internet more often than they play “Flappy Bird”, it is essential that users can easily access it with just one touch or two.  If you glide letter “e” on your Kata i3 smartphone, you can then get access to the internet. As easy as that!

Now, browse through the world wide web and update your social media networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter with Kata i3! 🙂

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