Kata i3 Gestures: E-mail


Smartphones are meant to live your life more comfortably and with its bevy of features, it does almost all of the job.

In relation to this, if you are that on-the-go type of person who wants to accomplish things as fast and as efficient as possible, then I guess you’ll love the special feat of Kata i3.

I bet you’re guilty that you’re one of those who check a few emails before hitting the hay. It is apparent especially when you have some errands and/or businesses to attend to.


Worry not, with Kata i3– your buddy in everything you do– you could experience maximum conveniece. The gesture feature provides you a shortcut of sort in manipulating your Kata i3 smartphone, and of which that you could use is by gliding letter “m” on the touch panel of the smartphone. Voila! You can now sift through your e-mail inbox.


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