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KataCloud App Now Available!


Fishcloud-Phones-pictureKATA officially launches our latest online cloud storage app, the KataCloud, to Kata i3 and Kata Venus 3 devices. Simply click on the FishCloud icon to automatically update it to #KataCloud.

Store your photos, videos, music and other files in the easiest and most convenient way through KataCloud, your secured online back-up storage. Get an instant 5GB online storage when you register in the app.

To create an account for KataCloud, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Sign-up using your registered Gmail account with your full name. In case you haven’t registered your Gmail yet, the  app will automatically direct you to your phone’s Gmail set-up registration.
  2. Log in using your Gmail account address and put your password.
  3. KataCloud app instantly gives you a free 5GB storage which you can use to store files on 4 different categories: Music, Photos, Videos and Miscellaneous.
  4. Customize your storage by uploading any files and keep them organized by creating folders for each category.
  5. Click the sync button to sync your files from one Kata device to another.
  6. Go to settings located at the upper right hand of the app to log out.

*Please be reminded that you must have a wifi or mobile data connection to get full access to KataCloud.

Managing your files is never this easy with KataCloud! Upgrade your storage up to 200GB to stock up more massive files and documents on your app (coming soon).


To know more about KataCloud, visit:


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KataCloud: FREE 5GB Online Storage

We’re officially launching the smartest and easiest way for you to save up all your photos, videos, music and other files in one reliable application.


Introducing the KataCloud, our very own file hosting service which allows you to get a secured back-up to access any of your files and documents wherever you may be.


Sign-in using your registered Gmail account in any of your Kata devices and get an instant FREE 5GB online storage with upgradable memory up to 200GB!


Be in control of your mobile experience; use the KataCloud app to organize all your files!


For other updates, visit us at:


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Latest App-ditions on Fish Market!

We’ve announced the latest additions to Fish Market on our previous post and here’s yet another roundup of apps you shouldn’t miss!


If you need some communication tools to make your conversation much fun and easy, then we’ve got something new here! Try downloading WhatsApp, a cross-platform mobile messaging app and exchange messages with your family and friends for FREE!


Not just that, if you’re a music freak and finds your playlist a clutter, the music player, Winamp, is your total music management solution. In addition to that, Tubemate is also available for easy and fast downloading of videos from YouTube.

Meanwhile, are you tired of your boring keyboard? Pimp up your Kata devices with Thumb Keyboard, an advanced and customized keyboard packed with a lot of features.


And of course, we’ve got something for the gamers out there! Do you want a physic-based game that will challenge your strategic ability to solve puzzles? Then avail the Where’s my Water app! Last but not the least, stem a zombie attack on your Kata devices with the hit action-strategy adventure, Plants vs. Zombies 1 & its sequel, Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version. FYI: English version will only be released Oct).

Grab these apps now at Fish Market and stay tuned for more updates!


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New App-ditions to Fish Market

We’ve already spilled the availability of applications like Instagram and Viber on Fish Market and here are some additions you shouldn’t miss!

Camera 360, Tango and ES File Downloader (File Manager), now available on Fish Market!

Camera 360, Tango and ES File Downloader (File Manager), now available on Fish Market!

If you’r e a true blue self junkie and would like to put wonders on your face, then Camera 360 is a must-have. This photo editing app allows you to put different filters to your photo. With just a few swipes and tap here and there, you’ll get instant blemish free skin and other special effects such as Sketch filter, LightColor and Retro color filters. Your photos will never be the same again, so what are you waiting for, take your photography skill on to the next level and download Camera 360!

There are a myriad of mobile chat applications in the market but if you’re looking for something that isn’t just optimized for video calls but has also other features such as voice calls, texting, photo sharing, and playing games, then Tango can deliver. Have it installed on your Kata device and connect with your friends & family or make new friends with this social messaging and entertainment app.

Another addition to the Fish Market that you should check out is the ES File Downloader. It is a full-featured file and application manager that allows you to manage your files. It acts as file manager, application manager, task killer, cloud storage client (compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive,, Sugarsync, Yandex, Amazon S3, and Ubuntu One), FTP client, and LAN Samba client, all rolled into one. It also provides access to photos music, video, documents, and other files on both your Kata devices and your computers. Given that, head over to Fish Market and have your files organized with ES File Downloader!

Stay tuned for more app updates on Fish Market. If you have any queries and other suggestions, feel free to contact us via:

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LSW Countdown-03

Also, don’t forget to join the Like, Share and Win promo, before it ends in 3 days and you just might win the P10,999 worth quad core Android tablet, Kata FishTab 3!

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We’ve shared to you about Fish Market on our recent post, however, if all else fail and you’re having some trouble in downloading an application for your Kata device, then let this  post help you.

To install apps manually on your Kata devices, simply follow these steps:

1.Tap on ‘Browser’ then type in ‘‘ and search for the app that you wanted to download.


2. Choose the latest version of the app of your choice (eg. Instagram 4.0.2).


4.  Tap on ‘Download’, select any ‘Mirror’ and wait for it to finish.


5. Click the ‘Explorer’ and press on internal memory.


6. View files in ‘Download ‘folder and click on your downloaded apk file. (ex. 421620568.bin)


7. Click on the ‘Package Installer’ then ‘Just Once’.


8. Tap on Install, and vopila! You already have the app!























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App Download Tip for Your Kata Devices

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Instagram & Viber— Now Available on Fish Market!

We all have those moments that we would most likely want to keep  and we usually do it by means of taking a photo. Don’t you think it is such a delightful  experience to be able to document your baby’s milestones or capture snippets of the best moments that transpired during your graduation day or your wedding ceremony?

On another note, don’t you think it would be more fun to be able to connect easily with your loved ones even if your miles away from one another?

Lo and behold, we have something that would cater to your needs. Just so you know, our Kata devices has a pre-installed application called Fish Market. This allows you to instantly download various apps to your Kata devices without the hassle of connecting it to a USB port. It simply brings all things together to make you enjoy your Android experience. And the good news about it is that, the all-time favorite Instagram and highly in demand Viber are now available on Fish Market!


Connect and chat with your family and friends using Viber and take a photo of your memorable moments with Instagram.

Not just that! Brace yourself as Kata Digital hits the Instagram cyber world! Explore the latest dibs, events and special promos about your favorite Kata devices by following us on Instagram (

Kata Digital on Instagram

Kata Digital, now on Instagram! Follow us @katadigital

Watch out for more of our list of recommended apps on Fish Market!
Also, keep up with our latest offerings by visiting our Official Website:, or by following us on Facebook: /katadigitalcom or Twitter: @katadigitalcom.


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Run with Minions on Kata FishTab 3!

Minion Rush on Kata FishTab 3

Suit up and run on your running shoes with the yellow, gibberish-speaking Minions on Kata FishTab 3!

If you’re a casual gamer who’s into endless running games such as Temple Run and Subway Surfer,  then why not indulge yourself into the epic tale of the popular movie animation, Despicabale Me?

Minion Rush is the most talked about gaming application today and what’s great about it is that you can enjoy playing it with your Kata FishTab 3. With this tablet, sporting a Rockchip 3188 quad core processor and 2GB RAM, your gaming experience is taken a notch higher– no lags and any glitches. Not only that, you can also take pleasure in the responsive touchscreen along with its beautiful display resolution. Indeed, with Kata FishTab 3, you can definitely beat your friends’ best score!

Haven’t got yourself a Kata fishtab 3? Then join our Like Share and Win promo! For more deets and updates, rush on our Facebook and Twitter.

For more updates, visit:

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Making Syncing Files Smarter with FishTune


Transfer your files from PC directly to your Kata device with ease through FishTune.

A few years ago, many people carried their laptops with them while on the road, used a desktop PC at home and used another computer in the office. Although they can access their files on different computers, many people still find it difficult to parse on ways to keep their files in sync. However, due to the advent of technology, people nowadays don’t need to worry about managing their files.

Anyone now can carry a computing mobile device such as the tablet where they can gain access to their files directly from the diverse operating systems. If you’re one of those who possess a fairly eclectic mix of devices and platforms, it’s relatively a juggling act to keep everything in sync. Moreover, transferring files from your personal computer or laptop to your tablet can sometimes be time consuming, especially if they don’t have a standard USB port. Emailing files back and forth can be an alternative method to move documents, however many users opt to settle to a more consistent, reliable, and easier means of transporting their files to and from their tablet.

There are actually a myriad of cloud connection applications in the market that people can utilize to manage their files, one remarkable tool is the FishTune. This syncing tool application pre-installed exclusively for Kata FishTab 3 is its differentiator among other tablets.

With this unparalleled feature of Kata FishTab 3, users can easily sift through their files on their personal computer and have it transferred directly to their tablet. Through its seamless wireless streaming, users can conveniently watch movies, listen to music and access their extra files.

With FishTune, users can organize and transmit their documents without having to worry about the storage capacity of their Kata FishTab 3. Through this dependable syncing tool app, users can transfer anything to and from a PC without any hassle. Hence, with Kata FishTab 3, anything is just possible.

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