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Kata i3 at Unbox’s Top 10 Locally Branded Smartphones of 2014


Kata i3 was included on Unbox’s Top 10 locally branded smartphones for the first quarter of 2014!

Amongst the hundreds of locally branded phones in the market, Kata i3 was chosen as one of the budget-friendly devices that doesn’t just exude premium and elegant design but also boasts excellent performance.

Check out Kata i3 on the full list here:

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Kata i3 Review at JAM Online

i3 jam

After JAM Online‘s unboxing of Kata i3, they have posted a review write-up about the invincible Android smartphone.

Besides the nifty and classic design of the sleek Kata i3–that everybody is raving about– there are other features that are worth to dig in.

Read about the full review of Kata i3 here:

And see why everyone is hooked at it.

If you want one, you can win it at SM City North Edsa’ s KAta i3 Giveaway.  Click here for the promo mechanics.


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Kata i3: Gloves


Did you know that with Kata i3, you can still do things even with gloves on?

Well, you just have to simply turn on the “Gloves” mode to be able to use this special feature!

Whether you’re a fashionista or plainly have a job that requires the use of gloves, you can still navigate through your smartphone!

Brilliant idea, ain’t it? This is just one of the many special features of our invincible smartphone.

Find out more at:


Kata i3 Featured as a Budget-Friendly Gadget this 2014


Manila, Philippines– Kata i3 was spotted at the morning news magazine program, Unang Hirit in GMA-7 earlier today, February 20, 2014. In the segment of the host, Ms. Lyn Ching together with the guest Tech blogger and IT expert, Mr. Alexei Rivera, they’ve presented the latest gadgets of 2014 that will fit everyone’s budget.

There are different gadget models available from both local and international manufacturers, and while it’s up to customers which they would like to choose, there’s sure to be a few that would opt to purchase something that can fit not just their needs but their budgets as well.

From a watch phone to a high definition tablet and mini smartphone dialer, KATA i3 was chosen as one of the latest budget-friendly gadgets to look forward to in the first quarter of 2014. In the program, Mr. Rivera acclaimed its sleek, light and premium look. Indeed, the must-have smartphone didn’t compromise the design with its affordable price.

Kata i3 has the infamous Android 4.2 Jellybean platform and is priced at just P8,499. It gives users access to endless hours of entertainment and features a powerful quad-core processor, thus users can expect it to run fast and survive on standby for long hours. Not just that, it also sports a front-facing high-definition camera for video calls. Indeed, it is a good pick for something that is not just premium in design but also carries a powerful punch.


Watch the full segment here:

If you’ve dreamed of owning your own Kata i3, there’s no better time than now to invest. When you purchase a Kata i3, you’ll get a FREE screen protector, leather case and SMART Bro 3G sim card w/ P100 load. You can only get this great deal until February 28, 2014 at any Kata Store and kiosks branches or at


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Kata i3 Gestures: E-mail


Smartphones are meant to live your life more comfortably and with its bevy of features, it does almost all of the job.

In relation to this, if you are that on-the-go type of person who wants to accomplish things as fast and as efficient as possible, then I guess you’ll love the special feat of Kata i3.

I bet you’re guilty that you’re one of those who check a few emails before hitting the hay. It is apparent especially when you have some errands and/or businesses to attend to.


Worry not, with Kata i3– your buddy in everything you do– you could experience maximum conveniece. The gesture feature provides you a shortcut of sort in manipulating your Kata i3 smartphone, and of which that you could use is by gliding letter “m” on the touch panel of the smartphone. Voila! You can now sift through your e-mail inbox.


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Kata i3 Gestures: Internet


You amrtphone isn’t just for video-chatting  or for selfies,  it’s more than that. With thousands of various models of cell phones that have hit the market, Kata i3 is one of those must-have gadgets. The new smartphone had made some  considerable progress in terms of how users can further utilize it and interact with people.

And yes, this article shows another special gesture feat you could use for Kata i3. Since most of the people nowadays tend to surf the internet more often than they play “Flappy Bird”, it is essential that users can easily access it with just one touch or two.  If you glide letter “e” on your Kata i3 smartphone, you can then get access to the internet. As easy as that!

Now, browse through the world wide web and update your social media networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter with Kata i3! 🙂

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Kata i3 Gestures: Call


Need to make an urgent call? Swipe letter “c” on your Kata i3 smartphone to call!

As easy and convenient as that. But before you do that, turn on the “Gestures” feature on the notification bar above your device.


Watch out for our other tutorials of this special feature of your most invincible Android smartphone tomorrow! 🙂


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MobileTechPinoy Reviewed the Kata FishTab 3


“The Kata Fishtab 3 is one of the few budget tablets in the market that feature a premium design and build at an affordable price. ”

MobileTechPinoy, your Philippine tech blog source, just reviewed our FishTab 3!

Read the full article here:


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Gadget Magazine Features Kata

Gadgets Magazine, the Philippines’ leading tech lifestyle magazine just featured Kata FishTab 3 on their November issue.


Check out our Kata FishTab 3 on the Parade section and its in-depth and full review on the Feature section.


Grab a copy now at any booksstores and newsstands nationwide!

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Pinoyscreencast: Kata FishTab 3 Unboxing and Review

Pinoyscreencast, the ultimate source of Filipino-spoken technical tutorials that features mobile devices and tablets has just uploaded an unboxing and review video of Kata FishTab 3.

Watch this video and let it blew you away with what our Android quad core tablet can offer! More than just its premium design, there are other tentpole features that you could utilize to maximize its performance.


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